Are you an organiser that is tired of the large amount of plastic waste generated from your event?

Did you know Refill Ireland offers an alternative water solution which enables you to avoid a need to purchase hundreds perhaps thousands of single-use plastic water bottles?


Via our bespoke engineered Mobile Hydration Station, we can offer a Zero Waste drinking water solution that caters to your event, whether it is setting up at the finish line of a run or offering the self-service taps for food fairs, festivals and corporate events, we are there for your needs. We have had the pleasure of attending 60+ events through 2019 and we can’t wait to continue the trend to ditch the plastic.

How do we ditch the plastic?

Our mobile hydration stations are equipped with purpose installed drinking water tanks, so that we can easily bring filtered drinking water to the site. We provide reusable cups for participants to quench their thirst. Instead of throwing the cup away when you’re finished, we will take them back so that we can steam wash, dry, and use them again for the next event using circular economy principals.

We understand that being environmentally friendly isn't always enough, therefore we aim to be both environmentally and economically friendly. We offer different options for your event depending on your budget. If you refer to the Rentals page, you have the option to rent our cups or our dispensers alone. If you have cups but no access to a mains line, you can rent our tanks, prefilled with water. We can provide our own staff or if you have volunteers, we can give them some quick training to assist.

Whatever your need, let us know and we will work with you to make the event a cleaner and greener experiennce for all!

As a social enterprise, you investing in working with us means you investing in a greener environment nationaly through our TAP MAP and Community Refill Hub Free installations.

Please contact us for more information on:


Tel.: 087 0525449

For a quotation, please fill the form below with the following details of your event:

- Location / Date & Time / Event Type / Estimated number of participants / Number of required tap stations if known.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for starting up  It is a fantastic service, reasonably costed and professionally run. It was wonderful to have at the Ronan Clarke Run in Killala yesterday - the number of people who commented positively on the initiative was huge and I think you'll be getting a few more calls from this side of the Country now.
The clean-up after the event was minimal thanks to the recycling of the cups and there were a lot of people educated about the importance of not using single-use plastics - and will result in a wider impact than just yesterday..."

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