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Our Team know how important your students are to you and the environment in which they develop and grow.

Healthy hydration in your school is achievable with our positive and innovative solutions.

Single use plastic water bottles maybe small but they cause BIG problems...

What makes up the cost of
a water bottle?

Cost of water itself <0.001%

Production 10%

Sales & Marketing 20%

Distribution 20%

Retailer mark up 30%+


It takes 3 times the amount of water to produce 1 bottle of water.

5Kg of Co2 is produced for every 1kg of PET.

1/4 Bottle of oil is used to fill, transport, cool & dispose of 1 bottle.

Only 29% of single use plastic water bottles are recycled in Ireland each year.

We can reduce their usage in schools by providing better sustainable alternatives...

A Range of Contactless Water Dispensers



A Range of Co-Branded Reusable Water Bottles


Refill Helps Schools To Reduce Plastic Provide Hydration Help The Environment Save Money

Reusable Water Bottles has a wide range of sustainable reusable water bottles that can be branded with your school logo and colours, eliminating the need for single use plastic bottles at school.

Healthy hydration solutions without the plastic!

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