Preventing unnecessary plastic waste in Ireland.

Here at Refill we’re calling on the nation!

We’re asking individuals, businesses, schools, clubs, communities, councils and government to join us and pledge to #BootTheBottle and prevent unnecessary plastic waste in Ireland.

What can you do?

And join us by pledging to

What else?

Download the Tap Map

Download our app and find locations to refill for FREE, when you’re out and about.

Or maybe you’re an event organiser, business owner, sports club or community representative looking for solutions and want to partner with us?

Join the Tap Map

Do you wish to provide free drinking water to the local community. People can drop into a hub and refill their water bottle free of charge and we add you to the Tap Map.

Waste Free Events

Got an event your organising but dreading the amount of plastic water bottles you’re gonna need to order. We’ve got you covered with some alternative options.


Being a sustainable and eco concious business is fast becoming a must in our ever changing world. We’ve got a number of ways that you can stay relevant to your customer whilst doing good for the environment.

Schools & Clubs

Schools & clubs are key advocates in the mission to combat single use plastic. There are so many ways you can get involved and we have a few things to help.


Big changes start with tiny choices and getting your community involved is one of the best ways to make effective change.

Find your forever bottle

Big changes start with tiny choices and using a reusable water bottle daily is one of the biggest changes you can make. We like to provide high quality and durable bottles, made from sustainable materials where possible.

Get Involved

Things you can do

Resources to help

Campaigns & Advocacy

At Refill we do more than just get people to use a reusable water bottle. We have a whole list of projects we’re working on to create a bigger impact on single use plastic.

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