The No.1 thing any individual can do is …

Find Your Forever bottle

Big changes start with the tiny choices. Refill It.

The dusty bottle in the back of your cupboard or a glass one you bought juice in, is just as good as a shiny new reusable bottle. The important thing is you like it and you enjoy drinking water from it.

Your good luck is coming!

What else?

Download the Tap Map

Download our app and find locations to refill for FREE, when you’re out and about.

Event? Hire Us.

We’ve got a number of ways to help you prevent the need for plastic bottle waste. Champion green & change to zero waste drinking water provision for an immediate and fun impact.

Join the Tap Map

Do you want to provide free water refills to the public? Find out about how to partner with us on the Tap Map and give to your local community.

Add Tap Map locations

Do you know a local business who would be willing to join? Talk to them about us today.


Can you or your company offer pro-bono opportunities to support Refills work as we drive Ireland forward with scalable, impactful & innovative solutions?

Plastic waste is a huge problem. Single-use bottled water giants use agencies, branding, marketing, media, PR, influencers & campaigns, complemented by big budgets as they lure us to commodify drinking water and even use detrimental materials for our planet while doing it.


Are you an individual that has some time to share weekly/monthly & you want to take the next step with your action?
Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!


Refill is a non-profit, all our funds contribute to growing the national Refill network & providing communities with refill stations. You can donate with us here

Head over to our campaign page and make your pledge

Become a Refill Ambassador

Would you like to be a Refill influencer in your community, advocating for Refill locally & on your social media? Let’s keep it simple & get you started.

Download free posters and social media images to share

Speak to your local council and as them to pledge

Tag you local council in your social media posts

Get your friends involved and tag them in your posts

Don’t forget use the hashtag

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