And that’s just for single use water bottles, never mind the remaining single use plastic.

And did you know?

As per the Coastwatch Ireland Survey 2021, 3.9 plastic bottles were found on every 100m of our coastline.


Irish people spend over €100 million on single use plastic water bottles a year. Refilling everyday will save you €547.50 a year.

It takes 3 times a plastic water bottles worth of water to make the plastic bottle than what is actually in the bottle.

Ireland recycles only 34% of its plastic packaging waste.

But picture this ….

A future Ireland that’s a green leader on the world stage, pioneering the solutions for our plastic waste problem. Keeping our wilderness clean and our rivers free from rubbish with our laws, and with our everyday choices.

We could champion a circular economy, preventing huge amounts of plastic waste from being created in the first place. And it could all start with a tidal wave of habit changes, led by our communities.

It’s a lovely idea, but we’ve got a long way to go. It’s easy to believe that we’re already a green country with our beautiful landscape. But when you look at our stats on plastic, you realise just how much our countryside and waterways are suffering.

1.4 million single use plastic water bottles are used every week in Ireland. Only 35% of these will end up being recycled.

The rest of them?
They end up here.

Some of the biggest problems facing our planet have simple solutions — we just need to get them out there.


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