Are you looking for a way to not only reduce the amount of single use plastic produced at your event but to actually prevent it from ever being created in the 1st place? Did you even know that’s what you were looking for? We’re full of surprises at Refill!

We’ve got a bunch of ways you can prevent single use plastic at your event, below are a few ideas but if they don’t cover what you need, give us a call and we’ll see what we can come up with.

What do we offer

Mobile Hydration Stations

These are filtered water units for self-serve bottle/cup refills. The units have simple push fit connections to the mains water and require no power supply. They come with a metric counter (battery operated) so you can see how many refills have occurred during the event and share that with your social following.

in units

These bespoke engineered mobile water points come with 5 self-serve taps which dispense filtered water to your attendees. The stations can be located anywhere on site with no concerns over access to mains water. They can come with or without a supply of reusable cups and dedicated collection bin infrastructure. The taps are battery powered. The stations are highly visible on site and are popular for all events, from runs, food fairs, school blitzs and corporate events, any event you wish to remove the need for 100’s to tens of 1000’s of bottles the mobile hydration station will suit you.

Water Cube Rentals

We can supply you with 300 litre or 1000 litre cubes of water for your event. They come with a cover and an outlet tap and can be placed most places within a site. Many sites don’t have convenient access to mains water or find it too expensive to plumb into. Our cubes of water are a great solution to this problem.

Cup Rentals

If you have your own water supply, we can supply you with reusable cups. You simply give us the number and we send them to you in the post and once complete you repackage them and send them back for their professional clean to be reused again. Using our very large inventory of existing cups is a more cost effective and environmentally sustainable way than purchasing cups, you don’t have a loss rate of cups every year and we take care of the cleaning.

Branded Bottles

Our bottles can be bought in bulk to resell in your business or to simply give to your attendees as part of a goodie bag.

We can provide blank bottles of your choice, bottles with our Refill logo to further push our #bootthebottle message or custom made bottles with your own brands logo.

We can offer you the lowest cost bottles in Ireland, along with a custom branded logo option on orders of 25+ units and further discounts on orders of 100 bottles or more.


The average 5000 attendee event produces xxx amount of preventable plastic waste from water bottles alone. By working with us you prevent that plastic from ever being created in the 1st place. Saving:

To top it off we can provide you with calculations for both Co2 and waste saving from using our mobile hydration station service, so you can shout about it on social media. This encourages other events to do the same and builds brand trust & loyalty.

Why work with us

Refill Ireland is a non-profit, what does that mean for you? Basically any profit we make from the cost of your event will go back into our social enterprise to supply community water stations for free. So not only are you preventing single use plastic waste from being produced but you’re also helping to promote and provide free water to Ireland preventing even more single use plastic waste outside of your event.

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