Boot The Bottle is a national public awareness campaign to accelerate the transition away from single-use plastics and towards reuse systems.

Join Pat Kane Sustainability Strategy, speaker, writer and founder of with Refill Ireland as they Pledge to #BootTheBottle

“The entire lifecycle of a single-use plastic bottle uses fossil fuels, contributes to global warming and generates pollution. It really is time we push against the rising landfill piles of disposable plastic – and that, of course, includes single-use plastic bottles and cups… We can all do better – by simply finding a reusable bottle and / or a cup that suits our lifestyle, vibe and needs! By going for reusable bottles and cups, we can reduce the number of carbon emissions entering our atmosphere, and while making our planet greener, we will probably save money too. Fill your bottle and / or your cup at the start of the day and refill it as the day goes by… Use map to find a refill spot near you!”

– Pat Kane

How to get involved

Make your pledge today

Sign our pledge form to show your support. This list will be used to show support of our campaign and interest in a single use plastic free Ireland to help further our mission. We may use this list to help access funding, build awareness and create interest in our campaign.

  • These will only be emails to show what is happening and how you can further you impact. No spam we promise
  • This is to show the support of the campaign which in return will help us gain more interest

Don’t forget use the hashtag

Water for Waterford

Waterford is leading the way but who is next?

Both City & County is pushing forward in the race to reduce single-use pollution with the entire country as they pledge to #BootTheBottle.

Refill Ireland has awarded five local businesses to become Refill Hubs with newly installed public water stations that offer everyone hydration on the go for free as they refill with their reusable water bottles. The Coach House Coffee on the Greenway, Cove Stores in Tramore, Activate in Ardkeen, CC Creatives on Meagher’s Quay and GROW HQ on the Dunmore Road are the latest hubs to join the national Refill network for the public to access waste free hydration whilst out and about.

Previous Refill Hub awardee Simon Tiptaft in the Quay Coop, Cork, shares “ It’s bringing people into our store which is great. So it’s a win, win situation for everyone really!”

Refill Ireland want to hear from your county and your business, are you ready to join us and pledge to #BootTheBottle?

Proudly introducing our campaign collaborators

Jennifer Taylor Corcoran

Campaign manager & strategist


A huge thank you to our project manager Jennifer for all her hard work in jump starting our #BTB campaign. We couldn’t do it without her.

Lisa Harrison

Campaign strategist & graphic designer

John Phelan

Graphic designer & Illustrator

Anne Smith

Social Media Content Creator


Communications & marketing strategy

Pat Kane – Campaign Ambassador

Funding supports

A national public awareness campaign

In collaboration with Skinny Designs, Lisa Harrison Creative, We The People & Rethink Ireland to accelerate the transition away from single-use plastics and towards reuse systems.

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