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Our work to prevent the need for single-use plastic water bottles through innovative solutions continues to thrive because of you.

Whether we are installing new Community Hydration Hubs, or Drinking Water Wells in our very special Ghana project, we are developing and installing technology to deliver impactful solutions for free hydration on the go for all.

Donate and Change Lives: Bring Clean Water to Ghana

Every day, millions of Ghanians face a harsh reality, the lack of access to safe drinking water. Women and children walk miles, often under a scorching sun to collect water from unsafe sources and exposing themselves to waterborne diseases, hindering both their education and their future livelihoods.

The Refill Ireland Project are now installing our first well in the Kokrobite region with Clodagh Kent, a native of Wexford, and living in Ghana these past 3 years. Help us build more.

All our builds are documented for funders to see the progress. These wells will provide clean, accessible water to thousands of people, transforming their lives in so many ways.

How will your donation help?

To date Refill Ireland has installed x15 new free to use Community Hydration Hubs into stores nationwide (Yes for free!) allowing members of the public, like you, to access free filtered water refills into your reusable bottle/cup.

We want to grow our Hydration Hubs to 45 locations in 2024

We are growing the TAP MAP from 1800 locations in 2023 to 3000 in 2024 and our Hydration Hubs to 45 locations with your help. The TAP MAP prevented 1.62 million bottles in 2023 and 119 Tonnes of Co2e.

The Refill Team wishes to express our sincere gratitude for your donation to the cause.

Your help really means a lot to make Ireland a refillable nation once again.

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