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Refill Ireland are always looking for more voluntary participating business partners to help make a comprehensive network of refill stations wherby the public can request a FREE tap water refill to their reusable bottle.

We hope this will increase footfall to the participating business and encourage the public to check out your offerings with the added benefit of being absolutely fantastic for single use plastic bottle waste prevention and for helping the local and national environment in which we all work and live.

You can become a voluntary and absolutely no cost participating business partner by entering your business details in the form below and we will simply send you out a window sticker for display at the front of the premises for passing members of the public to see and add you to the map.

The direct cost to any business through water rates in e.g. Dublin City Centre for 1000 litres of water is just 1 euro 16 cent at the current Irish Water tariff. A great investment to seeing both new and returning faces hopefully encouraged by the businesses visible commitment to the environment and all our health.

Many thanks. 

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