Henderson Island is an un-inhabited south pacific island, one of the most remote but also - most polluted - islands on earth. It's covered by 18 tonnes of plastic – the highest density of anthropogenic (man made) debris recorded anywhere in the world with 99.8% of the pollution plastic. There is estimated to be 38 million bits of plastic on the island alone.

Are there companies who demonstrate innovative approaches towards our plastic consumption? Fortunately yes there are some. However, straight to the unfortunately it’s not our own large Irish lifestyle or grocery retail stores. Like many sustainable projects Selfridges in Lond on started small:

2011: They launched ‘Project Ocean’ with food events and large colorful store windows. The campaign was based on estimates there will be 1kg of plastic for every 3kg of fish in our oceans by 2021. They ensured only non-endangered fish are served and began producing the fish guide to helps customers navigate away from endangered fish.

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