Stainless Steel Dispenser


This stainless steel water dispenser is available in Marine Grade 316L Stainless Steel. As an optional extra, our Refill station can also come with a drinking fountain bubbler tap & basin.

The stainless steel has a bright peened finish, however, multiple finishes are available. The water refill station is bolted down below paving level to prevent tampering.

This outdoor bottle filler is an environmentally friendly bottle filler providing a fast, convenient way to obtain drinking water.

The bottle filler is ideal for location in pedestrian areas, parks, recreational areas, trails, schools and sports venues.

The outdoor bottle filler is manufactured from Marine Grade 316L Stainless Steel and multiple finishes are available.

Manufactured in Ireland.

Easily installed by any certified plumber.

Price excludes VAT at 23%.

Delivery charge of Є50 within Ireland.

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Weight 40 g