Mobile Hydration Stations

It’s not surprising this service is in demand and so popular for events nationally, it’s the first of its kind in Ireland!

These are filtered water units for self-serve bottle/cup refills.

Ditching single-use plastic bottles just got easier as our bespoke Mobile Hydration Stations can be placed anywhere without the need of an external power source or water supply. It is the new ideal way to help reduce plastic waste at any event or venue.


How it works:

Our Mobile Hydration Station  is a stand-out product in our water dispensing range, with enough filtered water to cater from small gatherings to any large events.

All it takes is asking for a quote from us and once you`re booking is confirmed and we`ll be there on the day(s) for the set amount of time to make sure that everyone had their fair share of refills for the day. Water is accessible from the side of the unit through multiple taps, all is regularly sanitised by our full time attendant for the length of our stay.

This service is completely Zero Plastic Waste and no rubbish will be generated during our stay.


This service can also include our pre-filled, multi-use branded cups set out on tables to provide easier access to clean water for different events such as marathons, triathlons and cycling events, where time is of the essence for participants. Almost unlimited refills will still be available from our Mobile Hydration Station along with the pre-filled cups should you choose this option.

We kindly ask organisers to promote the use of our “cup bins” that`s included in the price. Our full time attendant will conveniently collect them towards the end so we can have them professionally washed and sanitised after each event. This way we can ensure our cup system will also generate Zero Plastic Waste while still providing speedy and refreshing clean water for everyone.


If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our team-members at Refill Ireland will be glad to help you with any queries


Get in touch at for a quotation.


Why work with us

Refill Ireland is a non-profit, what does that mean for you? Basically any profit we make from the cost of your event will go back into our social enterprise to grow the network and supply community water stations for free. So not only are you preventing single use plastic waste from being produced but you’re also helping to promote and scale free water throughout Ireland preventing even more single use plastic waste outside of your event.


The average 5000 attendee event produces over 142kg of preventable plastic waste from water bottles alone. By working with us you prevent that plastic from ever being created in the 1st place.

To top it off we can provide you with calculations for both Co2 and waste saving from using our mobile hydration station service, so you can shout about it on social media. This encourages other events to do the same and builds brand trust & loyalty.