Plumbed in units

Contactless Units with metric counters suitable for all venue types. These units are modern and robust units and they allow the calculation of plastic saving per event and are very popular with members of the public for their ease of use.
Bespoke unit branding is available also.
Completely portable, it can be placed practically anywhere that there is access to an above-ground water spigot, be that an office space, a shopping centre or a street party, festivals along with various sporting events.
The clever design makes it perfectly stable, able to withstand heavy use in busy areas where it may be jostled by the public.
Supplied complete with a flexible 1/2 inch or 15 mm BSP Industry standard connection, it`s more or less ˜plug and play.  It requires no power, and all drainage is discretely taken care of at the rear of the unit, with a drip tray feeding two 10 litre containers securely stored out of public view.
It is waterproof, windproof and frost resistant.
The base is covered in hard-wearing artificial grass for more of an aesthetically-pleasing finish, while providing a safe, trip-free platform for users.
 Anti-bacterial dispensing nozzles and one touch activation ensure that water quality remains consistently high. An in-built filter adds to this, by removing any impurities, including lead, chlorine and other contaminants.
The robust auto shut off dispensing mechanism prevents any serious overspill, removing health and safety concerns.
The ideal way to help reduce plastic waste at any event or venue.
While the provision of free drinking water has been shown to reduce the number of plastic held drinks purchased, an integrated battery-operated bottle counter keeps track of the number of bottles refilled, so you can work out just how stellar your green credentials are.

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Why work with us

Refill Ireland is a non-profit, what does that mean for you? Basically any profit we make from the cost of your event will go back into our social enterprise to grow the network and supply community water stations for free. So not only are you preventing single use plastic waste from being produced but you’re also helping to promote and scale free water throughout Ireland preventing even more single use plastic waste outside of your event.


The average 5000 attendee event produces over 142kg of preventable plastic waste from water bottles alone. By working with us you prevent that plastic from ever being created in the 1st place.

To top it off we can provide you with calculations for both Co2 and waste saving from using our mobile hydration station service, so you can shout about it on social media. This encourages other events to do the same and builds brand trust & loyalty.